Dear Santa

Hi Santa, I hope your 2013 has been good. Did you get the basket of eggs I sent you at Easter? I heard you lost a lot of weight this last year. You must be very proud of yourself. 

Now before I go any farther I know you got the Doctor’s Christmas list last year, He told me you did, and I want to tell you I am disappointed I wasn’t the answer to his problems but I know you are only thinking of all of us went you choose our gifts.

Thank you for the many cooking related gifts last year. I will be using some of the cupcake cases to make you some yummies when you come to visit.

I have had a really good year this year, helping out at the food bank and starting college after being out of school for a while.  Of course the thing that has been the best asset to my year is the boyfriend you sent me (arrive a week late but thank you all the same)

As you had such a successful year of gifting for me, I thought I would help you out a bit. (I know the best gift wasn’t in my letter last year but surely my letter helped)

I would like to read a bit more and some books that look quite interesting are What Einstein told his cook by Robert L wolke and game of thrones by George r.r Martin.

I Have seen some really cute Harry Potter themed jewelry. I particularly like ones with snitches and time turners.

I am still doing a lot of cooking, and as I am planning to go to University next year (finally I know) I really need some things of my own that my parents wont miss when I go. Some things I have realize we haven’t got at all is a 20cm spring form tin and a pallet knife. Some things I think could be useful for university is a mixing bowl, set of mixing spoons, measuring spoons, a scales, a chopping board (I have plenty of my own knives), maybe some baking trays, cupcake trays, pizza tray, rolling pin, pans, pizza cutter and some tea towels.

This year I bought some more wii game which has made me use it much more and I am really feeling the benefits. Also its a good way to relax once I get back from college. I’ve been looking up some other games that looks good, these are some that i came up with; monster hunter tri, fragile dreams; farewell ruins the moon and xenoblade Chronicles.

I am hoping to go to park Asterix next year and if you would like to come with me or know someone else that would I would love that.

I have really enjoyed playing board games this year… A nice unusual one would be a lot of fun.

I look forward from hearing from you.

Hope the rest of your 2013 is good, not too stressful, and your 2014 is fabulous.




National Baking Week, Sunday- Sorting Hat cupcakes

Chocolate Orange flavored Sorting Hat cupcakes. Inspired by Harry Potter.



National Baking Week, Saturday- Lambas Bread (from Lord of the Rings)

Today I made Lambas bread from the lord of the rings. This is the bread that the elves gave the hobbits for their journey. It is meant to be nutritious and the only thing you need to live, but it wasn’t filling.

I got the recipe from this website [] but I think the picture was a little misleading, It looks more like focaccia than what I made… 



National baking week, Friday- Harold Cake (from Sherlock)

Today I made Harold (the mustache that is on john’s face) in cake form.



National baking week, Thursday- Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy inspired Earl gray tea cupcakes

Today I make earl grey cupcakes with earl grey  flavoured butter cream icing. These were inspired by possibly my favorite thing ever, Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy.


National baking week, Wednesday- Meringue adipose

Today I made adipose from doctor who. In doctor who these are babies made from unwanted fat cells of humans. My adipose are fat free but not as cute. 


National baking week, Tuesday- Pokeball brioche

I made some pokeballs out of brioche, I’m surprised how well they turned out, considering I’ve never made brioche before and I was just winging it when it came to the colour and general pokeball-ness.


National baking week, Monday- District 11 bread

Today I made district 11 bread inspired by the hunger game. This is the bread that katniss revived from district 11 after Rue died.

 I got the recipe from Fictional Food ( who says a little more of how the bread comes into the story.

This was actually quite simple and tastes good too.


National baking week (uk)

This week (14th-20th October) is national baking week. As always I am going to be baking and this year I have decided that I’m doing geek baking. All my baked good will be based on different fandoms and things people consider geeky.
Monday is the hunger games day.

Tuesday is pokemon day.

 Wednesday is Dr who day.

Thursday is the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy day.

Friday is Sherlock day.

Saturday is the Lord of the rings day.

And finally Sunday is Harry Potter day.

Please keep an eye out for what I’ve made.




101 ways to purpose

  1. Make a cross word puzzle and give it to them.
  2. Go to a park to feed the ducks. In the middle of the loaf a ring has been baked in.
  3. Spell out “will you marry me” with scrabble pieces.
  4. Offer a polo, and ask “will you marry me?”
  5. Spell it out in glow in the dark star above your bed.
  6. Wait for it to snow and then pee the words in the snow.
  7. Write each word on a post it and stick them around the house. If possible put them in order they do their routine, so if they always open the curtain first put in on the window, then one on the loo seat, then on the mirror and so on.
  8. Go to an aquarium and get a diver to hold up a sign for you.
  9. Send a letter though the post everyday with just one letter on. “w” “i” “l” “l” and so on until you have sent all the letters.
  10. Spell it out with fridge magnets. 
  11. Buy an ad on a billboard, put up the best photo of you two together and write “Marry Me” on it.
  12. Get some people to lie on your lawn spelling out “Marry me?” so when they look out the window they see it.
  13. Pay someone to write it in the sky.
  14. Learn how to sky write and write it in the sky yourself.
  15. Climb a mountain/hill together so when you get to the top you can read it written in chalk (like the horses) or with white things laying in shape of the words.
  16. write it with candles.
  17. Film it and get the cinema to play it in the ads when your in the cinema.
  18. Go back on your first date. End it by getting down on one knee.
  19. Buy a box of dough nut and place a ring in one of the holes.
  20. Whilst playing poker, put the ring as your token for your bet.
  21. Tie it on a fishing rod, like bait, and swing it in front of their face.
  22. Send them on a treasure hunt, the end goal to find you down on one knee.
  23. Go on the announcer in the supermarket and ask while they are shopping.
  24. Give them a mug of coffee that says “marry me” at the bottom when it has been drunk.
  25. Make a time capsule together and just as they think they’ve put everything in their say it isn’t complete until you’ve put in a photo of the moment you got engaged. Hand them a ring then get the camera and take a photo.
  26. Get a street artist to draw a picture of the two of you with a speech bubble coming out of your mouth. 
  27. Go to the beach and write it in the sand. 
  28. Write 10 reasons you want to marry them and get someone to deliver them each day until the last reason where you deliver it with a ring.
  29. Using toast as your page use alphabet spaghetti you spell it out.
  30. Give them a hot dog with “Marry Me?” written on the napkin.
  31. Pass them a note saying something like, “Will you marry me? Tick your answer. [] Yes [] No []where’s my ring?”
  32. When out shopping casually look in a jewellery store window and point at things you like and ask which they like then go into the store and propose by their favourite ring.
  33. Make or buy 15 cupcakes and write a letter on each cake.
  34. Take a full page ad out in their favourite newspaper or magazine.
  35. Get your friends and family to wear t-shirts with a letter on each and stand them on a line.
  36. Replace something you know they will use in the morning and is always in the same place with a ring.
  37. Write on a post it note and stick it on the last page of the book they are reading.
  38. Leave a trail of skittles leading to a big bowl of them, at the bottom should be a ring in a box.
  39. Buy a bag of sweets and ask them to marry you and offer them a gummy ring.
  40. Make a CD and put it in their car. Put on songs they love and in between each song say a little comment, like “I love you” and “You make me complete” then second to last song say “look in the glove compartment” where you have put a ring, then after the last song (or before the last song) say “will you marry me?”
  41. Borrow their camera and get a friends to take photos of you in different places with you holding a boards saying a single word on each. Then when returning the camera ask them to look at the photos for their opinion.
  42. Put the ring in a really big box full of tissue paper and love notes and then wrap it up and put in under the Christmas tree. 
  43. At a restaurant get the chef to write “Will you marry me?” in sauce on their pudding plate.
  44. Order a cake from a bakery with the words written on. Ask them to display it in the window and then take your loved one to go look at the treats in the window and propose to them in front of the cake, then eat the cake.
  45. Get a personalised fortune cookie.
  46. Play hang man. You know what phrase you should pick.
  47. Carve “Marry Me” into a pumpkin.
  48. Make a scrap book of photo’s, tickets and things you have collect though out your time together. On the last page write “Will you marry me?”
  49. Pay for a ad banner on their favourite website and write their name then “Will you marry” then your name.
  50. Write on the underside of a kite then go fly it with them.
  51. Make a sandcastle together and instead of shells put the ring on the highest tower.
  52. Ask a shop to play Santa for the day and convince one of their friends to take them shopping and convince them to sit on Santa’s lap. Tell them you’ve already got their gift and then hand them the ring.
  53. Hang the ring on the Christmas tree.
  54. Make them an advent calendar with each day saying something nice or with a little treat then on the last day put the ring in.
  55. Write it with Christmas lights
  56. On new years eve just before the countdown tell them you want to tell them why you love them. Then when the countdown starts after each number say a reason you love them and then as the clock strikes say “Will you marry me?”
  57. Get some personalised love heart sweets, saying all sorts of lovely things but with one that says “Will you marry me?”
  58. Send them roses (one for each year or month which ever works better) with a ring attacked to the note card.
  59. Give them 5 Valentines cards the first with their name in and then each card with one word in. “name” “will” “you” “marry” “me?”
  60. Write them a song with the last words or the chorus consists of “Will you marry me?”
  61. Buy a heart shaped locket with a photo of you together or one of you and one of them and a tiny note folded inside saying “Marry me?”
  62. Buy a charm bracelet with charms they will like and a heart with “Marry me” on.
  63. Hire a singer-gram.
  64. Get a “Will you marry me?” puzzle and do it together.
  65. Call up the radio station they listen to and ask on air then get them to play your song.
  66. Ask them to marry you on top of a fair ground ride.
  67. Play hook a duck and pay the game tenant a little extra to stick the ring on the bottom of the duck they hook.
  68. Change their background on their laptop to a photo of you with the words coming out your mouth.
  69. Put on a Dvd of what they think is their favourite film but its you asking them to marry you.
  70. Freeze the ring in an ice cube and make them their favourite drink with ice.
  71. Make them breakfast in bed with the ring in the middle of the tray. Don’t forget a flower.
  72. Get some carol singer to come and sing a proposal to them.
  73. Put the ring in the centre of an Easter egg.
  74. Go on an Easter egg hunt with only 4 eggs hidden. Each with a word on it.
  75. Get down on one knee as fireworks are going off behind you.
  76. Order Their favourite pizza but also ask for an empty pizza box. In the empty pizza box put the ring.
  77. Go to the bowling ally and after their first go the score screen changes to “Will you marry me” instead.
  78. Suggest playing monopoly and give her a ring for her counter.
  79. Put the ring as the gift in their cereal box.
  80. Go to a hotel, next to the pillow chocolate put a ring and a nice note.
  81. Buy a lottery ticket and add a note saying “If you agree to marry me I’ll be the luckiest person in the world” then hand it to them.
  82. Write it on the bathroom mirror in soap.
  83. Write a love note ending with “Will you marry me” and put it under the windscreen wiper of their car.
  84. Paint it on your stomach with face paint.
  85. Make some bunting spelling it out and hang it up.
  86. Personalize a pack of playing cards, either online or (blasphemy) writing on them.
  87. Write it in petals on your bed.
  88. Go to a ceramic cafe and each paint something, make sure the words “will you marry me” appear on your’s.
  89. Write it on your eyelids. (like the girl in Indianan Jones) you might want to shorten it to MARRY ME?
  90. Spell it in ketchup while making a bacon butty.
  91. Make a music video of their favorite song with cheesy dance songs and everything. End the video with the all important question. (don’t forget to put it on YouTube)
  92. Scratch it into a table.
  93. Spell it out with macaroons on the kitchen table
  94. Tie it to your underwear so when they are undressing you they will find it.
  95. Make them breakfast, cut pieces of toast into letters and spell it out. 
  96. Go to a pub quiz and get the quiz master to ask the question “will *insert name of your partner* agree to marry *insert your name* tonight?”
  97. Paint the question on your nails.
  98. Paint the question on their nails.
  99. Record it as your voice mail  text them asking to call you, then ignore their call.
  100. Write it in the calendar, make it so it is in a new month so when they turn over they see.
  101. Tell them you love them, give them a kiss and then ask them to marry you.
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